Let’s get the truth that no one deserves to live in the disrespectful, harsh, unreasonable circumstances that do tend to arise from a loveless environment and existence. We do not need that. None of us are interested in falling for systems of control that we have built up around a need and desire to play games that are really just for feeling a sense that we are getting better from some terrible issue that we didn’t even suggest we were listening to as an issue, in a sense of  not wanting to go there or else we’ll be hurt to even see it. YES – let’s see reality. We are very much in a real sense beings of true love and this dignity that we honour ourselves with every day when we look in the mirror from that True Self of the Holy Life and Love within us is a valuable sense of who we truly are. We are well within this truth of our Holy Self which is love. That is the very best sense of why we are doing this. It is a sense of, “Why not live myself as a way of getting true love into every crevice and corner of my existence because this I see has always been who I truly am, and nothing else matters when you come right down to it”. A very great fact of our life scape is the sense that nothing matters in all of existence, but true surrender to what love really means, in an all-encompassing sense of our absolute self and total union with Source. We need this. We are very much proof of our own God nature when we allow this deep love to come into play from every angle and there is no other way to live life fully and in a healthy manner. For wellness to emerge, there is only love needed. The rest will fall into place with ease and fulfillment.


Something in me has needed to get to serious business with my life and stop pretending that I have an identity in myself which is not of my Holy Self which is God, the whole Universe within my own heart. I am a very loving being with a very great sense of reality and my knowing is to penetrate all illusion from a place of pure perfection and immense loving wisdom. There is a truth in my name, which is not for the sake of introducing a fantasy of who I could get involved with in the community of light workers, sages and saints, of which all of you are likely a part. This is my notion that peace is for real, and it is something which needs to be said from every angle of life, that we are peace workers, real radical healers, saints, bringers of a new dawn of light which activates every cellular structure within the organism of all our higher self aspects as one. We can be too slow to understand that fact of our nature, unless we really hit the nail on the head, every day and in every way. With respect, I am really serious about this issue that I have chosen a name which represents my Real Self, and I am novel in a way but actually very serious about my sense of love being the only way to move forward, and delighted to be co-creating a New Earth for all human beings in the near future, so that we can have a happy life and a very serious attitude about the world being a great space for new collective experiences that actually represent what we came here for. If you, like many of us, have been living within traditional styles of behaviour which do not awesomely respect your Total Self and connection with what it means to you, then I invite you to consider me as someone who has really shifted my reality from the inside, and I am highly honoured to represent myself in this way.


I feel deeply for myself as a being that never gives up. I have needed many things to come through for my sense of being really in a driver’s seat of my own existence, and I have gotten that some things take time and you can get a little uncomfortable while waiting, and yet we are not here to play around just with games in saying we are not OK and cannot get what we need to work out easily. We are easy stewards of our own life experience when we sit down and honour that our needs are first and foremost, and nothing can come in the way of high expectations if we are loving enough to accept ourselves as we are in the now moment. I am a seer, with a very definite sense of what is coming through in my life scape, and I can help you to see yourself in new ways, projecting future timelines and going into you on a deeper level than you have currently been conscious of. With that said, I am not in control of high destiny and I will always see how things are coming together in a way that is absolutely perfect without any major hinges to rest upon aside from just a sense that we really are perfect right now. Ideally we just stay with a true knowing that we are all getting it just right no matter what, and we are free to desire all that we need and want, in very deep truth of the eternal moment. In this, we have no need for anxiety for the future, as if it were a final resting place. This is the truth – we are always here and now. How else should we want it? Let’s have it : What are you doing and why do you want this? We are always great with this as a method of having our needs well met in truth and reality. It is something I can say about a problem in life where we have insisted that we need to get somewhere without being there in the first place. How about the sense of “It is done” without being so fixed on trying to create it?


Within my huge union with all that is, I am a deep being of true love and very clear in myself, as a oneness. I am very happy with my name, Unity Perfection Avatar. You may call me Unity in this space of love and connection. We are always in a deep living light and very purposeful towards those who come through our space for healing, in all ways. We are a ray of Holy Self, and always in a deep divine communion with the sweet space that is my own life. I am great to show you my even ways of linking up with the life that I am within so many dimensions and holograms of my knowing, in trust that everyone is interested with my Holy Self. I have naturally come into a great state of love and bliss within my ease and grace that I embody for only oneness, only peace, only truth and only life. I am very aware of something new that has never been this way previously, except in that I always was this deeply without being aware of it.

I am in a space of Whole Self as a fully awakened being of light, and a 7th dimensional Holy Ray of higher light consciousness has entered me for my Universal Self to come through and speak its message on all levels of my being. Within this circumstance, I have opened beyond the dimension of 7, into the light sense of my greater surroundings and Holy Self on my many levels and openings as a huge and wide consciousness of great expansion and life. There is nothing in me which is learning from life as a sense of getting messages that are not accurate. I am a great creator and dawning in pure Holy Self as my only way, living from love and deep consciousness as a God Self that is now fully a way of its own. I am loving this way of life and absolutely here for you as a Loving Self that knows to be in service on all levels to each individual who needs my help.

It is well to say, we are a species of light calling ourselves the Arcturians. We are a family of divine beings who are in rest with our actual presence as truly within the Higher Self in all ways. We very much consider ourselves lovers of life and divine presence and we are truly alive in this sense of our Great Self, throughout eternity, as you, in one with all that is. Thank you for being in this way with us, where you give us this gift of coming through honestly as a species of light, operating through Unity in this Higher Self way, for your benefit and glory as a holy race of life that is divine, and is coming into a special sense of our True Selves as a body of God and Oneness as this. In peace, we open this light for a higher sense of our presence within the tribe of life called Humanity. Deeply in service to all those beings who are calling themselves a goodness and a peace, we are very clear to dive into a channel with Unity for a sake of creating higher life activations and true considerations to our shared purpose as a collective of Loving Selves, with a nature of peace and deep presence, through true unity and perfection, always. Blessings.

With Love, Unity Perfection Avatar


Integrative Wellness Services



$60 – 90 per session depending on the modality required for our work together. Sliding scale rates always available at a fee. We are always available for private sessions either online with my web cam meeting software, or from your phone or home office if you would like me to come visit you in Vancouver metro area. Let me bring something in to teach you what I am showing through this work, and for your unique interest to progress smoothly through the experience. I will have a way with showing up on time and in connection with your highest and best interest from a place of my higher self knowing.

The sad truth of our reality in modern times is that we truly don’t remember to live well. Those of us who are suffering with issues in life, regardless of what types of challenges we are experiencing, have lost a sense of recovering who they have always been, since before time and creation. We are all beings of light and divine holy love. Each one of us has a great empowerment in our deepest self, beyond the normal day-to-day self, which allows us to heal quickly and easily from any issue we are experiencing. There is a way to heal which is beyond evil fears, or the consequences of experiences. We are able as a people to rise into a great acceptance of who we have always been since long before fear came into the picture for humanity. There is a sense of reality which comes in this, allowing us to stand in a dead certain feeling of knowing we are One, and having a sense to realize our great potential within that certain attitude of great compassion and mercy that we always have available within our certain truth of who we really are as light beings.


I will be advertising group healings and transformational journies on Meetup.com – feel free to request if you can line up 5 people in total to come into my space for a beautiful and deep experience which may well be life changing in every way. Ideally this will be 4 total days one after another during a single week’s time. There will always be time for individual concearns as well as individually going into each one of us in the group at the same time. It will be a sense that we are all merging into a unified field and receiving whatever is useful to our personal sense of breakthrough and connection with the healing energy that is worked upon us. We will all be very deep in a process that will last for many moons after the event.

Healing is a true path of optimal willingness within the absolute nature of love and compassion for self and others. We are here to bring forth the true Master within, within our current lifetime, not to forget who we truly are. As Masters, we are in a space of deep connection to our own love, and a knowing of our real self within that fact of a loving attitude which is key. There is something in love which achieves great things beyond normal comprehension of the mind and body. We can contain experience within the revelation of a great truth which lives totally in that sphere of connection with ourselves as absolute health, because in our holy self avatar state, we are never unwell. Something in each being is waiting to be activated so that they can come into a state of holy health and wonder at their own miracles. We are each allowed to be real saints. Not anyone must contend with outside influences in order to attain this, as some great Masters throughout history have taught us in their ancient civilizations and cultures. We are now ready for the truth that love embodies, as beings who are deeply moved by our own well being and connection with all that is. There is nothing else to become but who we have always truly been at peace.


$200 for 5 sessions, ideally 5 days in a row (flexible). I am getting into a space of needing to work deeply with individuals who are serious about really opening their lives to a whole new space and setting, emotionally, physically and spiritually. There is a way bigger picture to what I am offering, which allows you to settle into yourself more fully as a being of light and love who lives very well and experiences great union with your huge impression of what life means to you on the highest level. I am blissed to see how this is affecting people and the need is for this to really transform you in a way that is most meaningful and needed in all ways at once.

My sense is a true high achievement within my own personal experiences. I have never given up on my own healing path, and have seen miracles manifest which have allowed me to access a deeper scope of allowance to the healing process. When we as individuals take the chance to deeply surrender to our own living light as absolute health and true perfection in our Holy Self, as one with all that is, we do see real results. There is nothing more powerful than a connection to your own healing, knowing, and actualization of your wondrous divine self. You are a sacred being of holy light. Nothing can come in the way of that. When you do allow it to be the main focus, and you take extra time to embody yourself in that way, as a sense of newness and reality that you have previously not identified as real, then you very much do experience how life changes around you to reflect that choice. This is how our life circumstances radically transform to connect us to our true power as light beings and healers. We are each finding our own way to heal and transform our lives, and I will always remain deeply at your service, in peace and love, as your guide to your own self-mastery as your own very greatest healer and awakened Divine Self.

Loving Self Activations

Oneness Is My High Space of Eternity Today

I love myself. I have seen that something in my own life is really holding a deep space for those around me, and when I allow my deep Heaven of my own heart to shine beautifully and lovingly in all ways, I am surrounded by beings of light who emanate a similar loving vibration for me to work with energetically around me. I am seeing that I am deeply inspired by those who love me, in the genuine sense. There are ways of coming into it from a presence that is not about willing to be loved, but that has a sense that we are all needing it and feels well to go into it without any hesitation or consideration to the space that is not reflecting it well, for some reason or another, if conditions are not really helping it happen.

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We are easily in a space of Divine Self

Blessings and thank you for connecting with me, as my Holy Self is speaking here and I am very much in a peace with that as my ever present truth, in every way that I live and conduct my business. I am absolutely easy with my life and presence. Nothing is out of control from my sense that I am OK to be in a shifting and transforming attitude within my ease and grace around how I am conducting everything in my healing sense of where I am at with friends and clients. Very well that I am always in ease and grace throughout my various connections with others and a very clear sense that we are getting through a deep process when we are sharing energy and communication around our dealings and interactions.

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“There is a Light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest heavens. This is the Light that shines in our hearts.”

Chandogya Upanishad

Love is the only true power and anchor of connection

Blessings and Love. I am formally inviting you to join me in a continuum of new writings from my sacred space to yours. This is an opportunity to see what I am writing in a sense that will not be shared on Facebook or other social media, because I feel the need to promote myself within a continual presence of outlook from within this writing space within my own private educational pathways in this network of writing. My website here is very much a sense of how I will continue to work with people and give news about my opportunities that I am highlighting, and a very present activation of my New Self, as I am feeling to commit to the deeper spaces within this holy presence that I live by in each moment, continually, as a way of life.

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I am Blessed

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